Certificate Authentication, Re-issue, Registration and Replacement

How to have your certificate re-issued or authenticated.

Oxbow or FlashStart students who are working in China are now being asked to provide a copy of their certificate with a tracking number. If you are in this group you can request to have your certificate re-issued in PDF with a student/tracking number. The numbering system will vary slightly depending on whether you took the course online or in person. However we have a tracking number for each student which can only be issued on the certificate.

From time to time graduates of our program misplace their hard copy and/or would like to have a pdf version for online job applications.  We are able to provide this also.


Some schools or online teaching companies are asking TESOL providers (such as Oxbow or FlashStart) to authenticate the certificate you have. This means we need to send a special letter and document to the school.

Why is there a fee?

Unfortunately, as these services impact our admin load it does attract a $39 charge per service per certificate. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you the cost is an extra $15 for up to two certificates. Please give your postal address in the buyer instructions field at checkout.

To use this service, please add the exact name you wish to have on your certificate in the box below then click the ‘Pay Now’ button which will take you through to checkout. If your family needs more than one please repeat the process for each certificate.

Order  below:

$39 – Certificate Registration and Re-issue (we send you a new pdf with a unique registration number included)

Exact name for Cert

$39 – Certificate Authentication (usually comes after or at the same time as a request for your number – we need to communicate with your employer)

School/organisation requiring

$25 Postage and Handling – We’ll print and post the hard copy for you up to 2 different certificates.

Postal Address